sup my names dan, im 17 and i use it/they pronouns! i love fonts and coding :) credit is not needed as this is just a collection of fonts uploaded for ease of access


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for pro standard: copy and paste this into an embed
@font-face {
font-family: 'FontName';
src: url(fontlink);}
#text {
font-family: 'FontName';}
The #text will need to be whatever the element you want to change is called (e.g. #text01) , click the cog to check

for pro plus: click on the cog the click styles, copy and paste everything inside the { }embed is still needed to for the @font-face

change "fontfamily" to the name of the fontall font names lead to their dropbox links, replace "fontlink" with the dropbox linkmake sure that in the code the links are chaged to have "dl" at the start (e.g.



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